Samsung’s Galaxy S22 is just around the corner, and the company has already launched its new flagship processor that will almost certainly be inside the new phone. The Exynos 2200 will sit at the top of Samsung’s chip range and will feature a dedicated GPU, called the Xclipse 920, that’s been co-developed with gaming hardware giant AMD. 

Ray tracing is a graphically demanding way of rendering light and shadow in a scene that more accurately mimics how light behaves in real life. It’s designed to result in much more realistic gaming graphics, and it was a hot topic when it was finally made possible in PC gaming back in 2018 with the launch of Nvidia’s RTX line of graphics cards. To hear the term thrown around for mobile gaming graphics is potentially a big step forward. 

I’ll be clear in that I’m not saying the Galaxy S22 with its fancy new AMD RDNA 2-equipped chip would be able to produce graphics on par with the latest console generation like the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5. But a big step forward in what can be achieved in games on a phone will encourage me — and other keen gamers — to see the phone more as a platform for regular gaming, rather than simply dipping in to a bit of Wordle, Two-Dots or whatever match-three game is popular anytime we have a few minutes spare. 

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